12 angry men character analysis essay

The net result is a large blind area. His defenses start to crumble as his unconscious emotions become visible to him.

12 Angry Men - Analysis

In doing so, he realizes the power of his emotions which forces him to step back and take a look at what he really feels.

This disturbance serves two purposes. Their hidden area is immense, resulting in an equally 12 angry men character analysis essay blind area. It is not known if the boy is guilty or innocent, that will forever remain in his hidden area.

The broken relationship with his son preoccupies his thoughts at several times throughout the movie; he is found staring at the picture. Arriving at an unanimous not guilty verdict does not come easily.

Twelve Angry Men Characters

The look on his face shows he has a realization. Being aware of this is the first step to better understanding. He bursts, accusing the others of being crazy. The movie illustrates the process of leveling and soliciting feedback which can make all the difference.

He levels with the others by openly admitting that he does not know if the boy killed his father and solicits feedback in order to make an accurate decision.

This new understanding of himself enables him to think more clearly and objectively. A jury of twelve men is locked in the deliberation room to decide the fate of the young boy. After questioning his sanity they hastily decide to humor the juror 8 Henry Fonda by agreeing to discuss the trial for one hour.

Unfortunately, leaving our prejudices outside the court room door is near impossible. This is alluded to in a conversation between juror 7 Jack Warden and himself.

Twelve Angry Men: Summary & Analysis

He feels his sense of reality is in question and it threatens him. As the movie demonstrates prejudice can distort our views and greatly affects our ability to make accurate assessments. He is unwilling or unable to level with the others and is also unreceptive to any feedback.

For the first time he understands his prejudices have affected his perceptions. Henry Fonda Juror 8 entered the trial with an open mind, he managed to convince the others to do the same.

Yet the boy, a product of the same community is an assumed liar. The public, hidden and blind areas are relatively the same for each juror before beginning the deliberation.

The judge informs the jurors that they are faced with a grave decision and that the court would not entertain any acts of mercy for the boy if found guilty. He is neither open or receptive. He has his opinion and loves to share it. Most likely the extent of these feelings and the effect it has on his perceptions is unconscious to him.

Although the movie deals with issues relating to the process of effective communication this paper will focus of two reasons why they encounter difficulties and how they overcome them.

The movie illustrates that everything is not what it appears to be. Eventually, as the talks proceed juror 8 slowly undermines their confidence by saying that the murder weapon is widely available to anyone, and that the testimony of the key witness is suspect. His interpersonal style would be classified as a blabbermouth.

The character with the largest hidden window is the boy on trial. Secondly, it allows him to vent his frustrations. Once he did this he realized the anger and frustration with regards to his son has been misdirected toward the accused.

While most of the men are aware of the stigma attached to people from the ghetto they are willing to try to put the stereotype aside. First, we will apply the Johari grid theory and see how it applies to their situation.

Individual biases are not expected to affect the decision making process. By recognizing his unconscious emotions, essentially what he has done is level with himself.

If we analyze the Johari grid of each juror we see a large hidden area in the case of all of the men. This puts him on the defensive.Juror 8 in 12 Angry Men: Character Analysis Juror 12 in 12 Angry Men: Character Analysis; 12 Angry Men Character List & Flashcards; Essay Prompts, Rubric & Instructions for Advanced.

Twelve angry men is a moral tale, it begs us as an audience to see the dilemma when a man’s life is at stake and the decision makers are ordinary men, with their personal values, morals, assumptions and baggage. This Study Guide consists of approximately 52 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Twelve Angry Men.

The foreman is described in the author's notes to the play as a small, petty man who is impressed with the. Apr 17,  · 12 Angry Men Essay; 12 Angry Men Essay. Film Analysis: '12 Angry Men' Words | 6 Pages.

12 Angry Men Analysis 12 Angry Men is a movie, directed by Sidney Lumet, about twelve jurors who are deliberating a murder trial. Importance of dreams in the novel of 'Mice and Men' Character Analysis in of Mice and Men.

Analysis of 12 Angry Men Essay - The play 12 Angry Men is one of the greatest plays I’ve seen. I read the novel and saw both movies but my. Free 12 angry men papers, essays, and research papers.

12 angry men character analysis essay
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