Completed phd thesis

Futter, Marytn Controls in dissolved organic carbon concentrations in surface waters assessed using INCA-C, the integrated catchments model for carbon.

The initial version, MODS1, implements only the multiobjective approach; however, it fails to find better driving strategies than existing optimization algorithms.

Even more importantly, for numerous vectors, the visualization with prosections preserves the Pareto dominance relation and relative closeness to reference vectors. The results show that MODS2 always finds better driving strategies than the volunteers, especially when fuel consumption is to be reduced.

This can be viewed as an optimization problem and solved using appropriate optimization algorithms. Dr Ioannis Mastoris Supervisor: The method constructs multiple models in a specific way so that a human can reexamine the relations in different contexts and based on additional evidence to conclude which relations and models are credible, i.

On the other hand, the best human driving strategies are similar to the MOCDS driving strategies in terms of traveling time, fuel consumption, and driving discomfort. Wootton, Brent Spatial Completed phd thesis of brook trout Salvelinus fontonalis populations in habitating small, headwater tributaries on the Precambrian shield of south-central Ontario.

The research provided a more comprehensive view on how sustainability practices were diffused through the supplier selection, performance assessment and development. In the thesis we use a minimax model with real numbers as both true and heuristic position values to show that proper modeling of the heuristic error is enough to prevent the pathology.

Completed PhD Theses

The first study addresses detection of decreased behavior that indicates disease or deterioration in the health of elderly persons, while the second study deals with the detection of suspicious passengers in the airport simulation.

Deviant behavior is a pattern in the data that either does not conform to the expected behavior, that is, anomalous behavior, or matches previously defined unwanted behavior, that is, suspicious behavior. Finally, the third study concerns the verification of persons at an access control point in high-security application.

This thesis addresses the visualization of exact as well as approximated 3D EAF values and differences in these values provided by two competing multiobjective optimization algorithms. The unified framework is demonstrated empirically in three studies. Halbisen, Michael Historic and anthropogenic influence on the gentic variation of Lake Trout Salvelinus manaycush.

For example, it is known that a decision-tree model can contain relations that are statistically significant, but in reality meaningless to the human. Use of high resolution satellite iimagery, modelling, and ground measurements for the assessment in Ethiopia.

The upper-level algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm that optimizes the input parameters for the lower-level algorithm.

Hayward, Allison Multi-metal stress and metal hyper-tolerance in the grass Deschampsia cespitosa L. In addition, MODS1 outperforms the dynamic programming algorithm, but is outperformed by the predictive control algorithm.

We proceed to examine how the number of possible position values, branching factor and similarity of nearby positions and affect the pathology.

Completed Ph.D. Theses

Szanto, Annamaria Molecular genetics of the Racoon rabies virus. To eliminate the problematic relations from the constructed and similar models, we propose an interactive method called Human—Machine Data Mining HMDM. The response of the freshwater shrimp, Mysis relicta, to the partial fertilization of Kootenay Lake, British Columbia.

The method adequately reproduces the shape, range and distribution of vectors in the observed approximation sets and can handle multiple large approximation sets while being robust and computationally inexpensive.

The importance of biotic factors and growth in the recruitment of young-of-the-year walleye Stizostedion vitreum. Mathematical analyses by previous researchers, however, have shown that the opposite is true: Because such algorithms are often stochastic, they return a different approximation set in every run.

Bioconcentration, Speciation and Detoification. Bhagat, Yakuta Habitat polymorphism and genetic variation in Iberian populations of Pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus. The pathology in single-agent search is explained on synthetic search trees and path-finding on maps from computer games.

Rutledge, Linda Evolutionary origins, social structure, and hybridization of the Eastern Wolf Canis lycaon. Dr Claire Barlow, University of Cambridge This research examined the main sources of CO2 emissions from the cement industry and identified opportunities to reduce them.Here is a list of PhD and EdD theses completed in the recent past at the Faculty of Education.

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Prior to this, she obtained her PhD degree at the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge in Jan Miying's research at Cambridge was focused on. Recently completed PhD theses at The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Aloni Yaari, Shir – /3 Brushstrokes: Hair in the Work of Contemporary. This thesis proposes a unified framework to analyze agent behavior from prior knowledge and external observations in order to detect deviant behavior patterns, regardless of whether the observed entities are humans, software agents, or even robots.

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The Digital Collection for more recent ENLS Completed Ph.D. theses can be found here. Benson, John Hybridization Dynamics Between Wolves and Coyotes in. Recently Completed PhD Theses from the following disciplines: Accounting, Business Information Systems, Economics, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations Management and Econometrics and Work and Organisational Studies.

Completed phd thesis
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