Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility essay

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Academic Essay

Since its creation, however, the numerous laws and regulations that have come to frame the world of corporate governance have exceeded the limits of manageable governance.

Government carries out the all-important task of a mediator, facilitator and partner in CSR development in businesses. If we examine the historical role of the SEC in uncovering corporate malfeasance and fraud, it would probably suggest that SEC investigations have led to relatively few cases of corporate leaders being prosecuted and imprisoned, but rather that the SEC has collected large fines from corporations not distributed to defrauded shareholdersand that certain corporate leaders, CEOs and CFOs, and lesser managers, have been prohibited from sitting on the boards of publicly traded companies, or from ever again being responsible for the leadership of a publicly traded company.

One advantage that taking CSR into the social media sphere offers is the ability to narrowly target certain market segments and demographics, in order to promote awareness of CSR efforts, or to engage the public in participating in these efforts. The likes of Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund WWFOxfam, Rainforest Alliance and Amnesty International to mention a few, have pressured the corporate world to embrace measures that protects the environment, fights against child labour and the use of sweat shops, uphold rights of indigenous communities where extractive business activities takes place, feed the hungry and many other good courses.

While the saliency of CSR has continued to grow in the industry especially with increasing sophistication of consumers the sincerity of the supermarket industry at committing to a much more effective CSR engagement remains under increased public scrutiny PWC, The Conscience of Capitalism: Quite simply, being socially re4sponsible is not only the right thing to do; Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility essay can distinguish a company from its peers Starbucks, The increasing trans-nationalization of businesses flowing from the overarching influence of globalization coupled with the growing challenges of sustainable development meant government cannot stand aloof while businesses generate profits without giving back to the communities in which they operate.

Negotiations then began with the Australian Taxation Office to set up a charitable organisation to fund the rest of the expected liabilities related to asbestos exposure.

Consumers are a great segment of the stakeholder population of businesses and as such they have become greatly influential to the extent that their dissatisfaction with the ethical behavior of a company may well spell doom for the profit or image of such company.

What, beyond the product or service, do corporations owe to their communities? This may not be farfetched as businesses are increasingly engaging in eco-marketing and labeling to enhance their images, boost customer base and ultimately increase their bottom-line. It appears that the profit motive was prioritised by James Hardie at the expense of the social contract.

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility&nbspEssay

This growing awareness has made companies increasingly value the need for an effective CSR strategy which would have a long term effects on their corporate performances Baron, ; Gill, The concept of CSR is not only divided by strategic activities which a corporation decides to take in relation to the company.

The opposing faction, on the other hand, while not disputing the fact that such giving improves social welfare, are of the opinion that organizations should only engage very minimally in corporate giving programs because such programs are unfairly geared towards furthering the interests of managers at the expense of shareholders.

It is not reflective of a social conscience to ensure that publicly traded corporate entities are practicing sound accounting and business management. This may come in the form of donations to schools, fight diseases, build infrastructure like roads and pipe borne water, aid disaster relief programmes and other numerous good courses.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. The complex structures and restructure of James Hardie made it harder to guarantee the liability of claims would be met.

Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility

Apply regulatory requirements to develop appropriate board and committee functions and structures to protect the interests of diverse stakeholders in the corporation 30 3. Thus, the responsibilities an organization owes its stakeholders should begin and end with profit making.

Consumerism, not social conscience, drives the success and the profitability of corporate America. The violations or relegation of these expectations and standards would be considered unethical by the society.

Six short answer questions will form the basis of this individual assessment task. The Fundamental Flaws in Corporate America and….

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This is so because such programs are a valuable source of competitive advantageespecially if they are properly-designed and rightly-executed Tonello, Until recently, it is only the most egregious cases of fraud and malfeasance where the SEC has built cases against individuals that have been used to prosecute, rather than remove, corporate leaders.

The absence of a private action may well be because the nature of the regulation is one that focuses not on investor protection as such, but rather on achieving desired efficiency or general confidence in the market. The investigating continues as does the increase in the number of victims being identified and claims sought.

This chapter takes a systematic analysis of the subject matter of CSR through a review of relevant academic literature. This symbiotic relationship is demonstrated by the fact that just like the society relies on the business entities to supply all those things that augment their daily existence like banks, eateries, grocery stores, and many others; the business entities equally owe it survival to the continued patronage it enjoys from the society and as such maintaining such key relationship remains at the core of CSR.

The role of external forces in driving or influencing businesses to embrace CSR is huge in all ramifications. People are confusing the responsibility of the corporate world to provide consumers and investors with true and accurate business reporting with moral or social responsibility when in fact it is a legal responsibility to do so.

Search our thousands of essays: As we will see in the data assembled in this Article, there is little overlap between private and SEC suits. Hence, they must become part of a more well-rounded strategy that ensures that demographics that increasingly avoid print media especially younger people are also exposed — which means turning to social media.

To suggest that a corporation has a moral obligation to the community, demonstrates a lack of understanding of capitalism and business.Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay examples - Fairness Within a company, keeping everything fair for everybody is a difficult thing to maintain.

By educating employees and respective leaders within the company to be fair to one another will go a long way. Social Responsibility and Good Governance are used interchangeably worldwide by individuals and corporations to show their associations with the activities.

THREE ESSAYS ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY by He Wang Bachelor of Arts Renmin University of China, Master of Arts Renmin University of China, Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements.

Corporate Governance Working papers Lorenzo Sacconi CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE LORENZO SACCONI Professor of Economics and Unicredit Chair in Economic Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, University of Trento The.

Corporate Governance Corporate Social Responsibility and.

Philanthropy and Social Responsibility: Corporate Governance&nbspEssay

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility report INTRODUCTION Corporate governance mainly denotes the processes, mechanisms and relations by which corporations and major industries are organized and directed.

Management configurations and principles pinpoint the dissemination of rights and duties among different players in the business. Excerpt from Essay: Corporate Governance: Philanthropy and Social Responsibility Corporate philanthropy is a form of CSR where a corporation extends monetary or non-monetary support to the community for the sake of improving its welfare and the quality of life.

Despite its inherent benefits, corporate philanthropy still remains a subject of debate.

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility essay
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