End is more important than means

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The E-committee is providing desktop in every court in India. To me, it correctly captures the spirit of open standards:Yes i think end is more important than means.

Here we can use the saying of William Shakespeare - "All is well that ends well". We can say practically this is the most accurate or popular form of obtaining a goal. The question tag suggests: Is Debate in English about: end is more important than mean would imply two factors 1.

End 2. Means End in any English debate is.

Nov 04,  · His philosophy was, 'means are more important than the end: it is only with the right means that the desired end will follow' (see Endnote-1).

To the charge that 'means are after all means', he would say, ‘means are, after all, everything’. Means are more important than end This is a well- known proverb that we have heard many times.

The ends are our goals and the means are the specific actions are take to achieve these goals. End Is More Important than Means. What is more important, means or end?

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Read the pros and cons of the debate End Is More Important Than Means.

End is more important than means
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