Hindu muslim population in murshidabad district

A higher percentage of Muslims in the host country can soon translate into Muslim control of political processes, law enforcement, media, and the economy, as well as restrictions on freedom of movement, speech and religious practices. Rising share of Christians in Darjiling Christians in the State have a significant presence only in Darjiling and Jalpaiguri.

In Nadia, Hindus account for 37 lakhs while Muslims 13 lakhs. Correspondingly, why is the Hindu population declining? Floods are common during Monsoon, causing loss of life, destruction of property, and loss of crops. Brajabhushan Gupta was its first President.

The Murshidabad palace, dating fromis a magnificent building in Italian style. Interestingly, Murshidabad is a Muslim-dominated district where the community constitutes Indian Cork Shola [ edit ] Sholapith is a milky-white sponge-wood which is carved into delicate and beautiful objects of art.

The district is known for the quality and diversity of Mango produced. Violation of that might be a cause for the barbaric act done the Muslim Head Master. Bhagabangola, Raninagar, Murshidabad, Hariharpara, Domkal and Jalanagi will be part of the Murshidabad Lok Sabha constituencywhich will also contain the Karimpur assembly constituency from the Nadia district.


The District Magistrate and the Superintendent of the Police rushed to the spot with armed police. After much skirmishes, Jitu along with his sixty followers arrested at the hand of the police.

Travellers marvelled at its glory through the ages. However, Mango is not a major produce of the Murshidabad district, unlike the adjoining district of Malda.

Murshidabad District

There is another line that branches out from this line at Azimgunj and connects the Sahebgunj loop at Nalhati Birbhum.

Trade and business are conducted primarily with Asansol, Burdwan and Kolkata. The town is recognised as the English Bazaar municipality. The BJP may cry itself hoarse raising the Bangladeshi immigrant bogey but had it been true, this would have been the picture in Nadia and North Parganas, too.

In this district, their share has grown from less than 3 percent in to 7.Population Census of Murshidabad District in is 7, Literacy rate of Murshidabad is percent. Sex Ratio for Murshidabad district is per male. Interestingly, Murshidabad is a Muslim-dominated district where the community constitutes % of the population.

Allegations of religious discrimination and intolerance have been quite rampant in Bengal, but the brutality of this incident has surpassed that in many instances of the kind. Murshidabad district, one of the three Muslim majority districts of West Bengal, had 4, Muslims who formed % of the population, 2, Hindus who formed % of the population, and 37, persons belonging to other religions who formed % of the population, in the killarney10mile.comy: India.

Murshidabad District : Census 2011 data

The Rise and Rise of Muslims in West Bengal. TOPICS: Breaking India Demographic 9 of the 15 in Maldah and 23 of the 26 in Murshidabad are Muslim majority. None of the 8 sub-districts in Dakshin Dinajpur and only 3 of the 19 in Birbhum fall in this category.

Pakur, Dumka, Godda, Jamatra and Deogarh; these 6 together formed Santhal. As per official census and population data of Murshidabad district, Muslim are majority in Murshidabad state. Total population of Murshidabad district is.

The Muslim Takeover of West Bengal. such as the border district of Murshidabad, which is over 63% Muslim, de facto shariah is imposed on all residents.

the Muslim population of West Bengal.

Hindu muslim population in murshidabad district
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