Is employee job satisfaction important for success

Employee Satisfaction and Company Success

In short, employee satisfaction and company success go hand in hand. Generous retirement plans, affordable health insurance, and other benefits keep people with the same employer longer than those companies that offer only a minimum range of benefits.

By developing a supportive relationship with their employees, individual leaders can have a direct influence on a majority of the factors that promote satisfaction.

Importance of Employee Satisfaction

A topic we are passionate about at teambay in a quest to improve satisfaction of employees through a unique feedback platform.

Regular encouragement of employees through words or thank-you letters will keep many of them happy and satisfied. Healthy Environment — A positive and healthy working environment that is free from harassment, morale issues and discrimination is crucial for employees to work optimistically.

How the tasks and duties associated with a job are crafted is essential and determines the job satisfaction and motivation levels of personnel.

Top 10 Factors that Promote Job Satisfaction

Just like trust is important in any personal relationship, it is equally important in workplaces too. Symptoms of reduced satisfaction Companies need to be aware of psychological and physical consequences of dissatisfaction at work.

This leads to more success for their company. Hence the need for internal organisational research to determine the relationship between motivation, job satisfaction, teamwork, group dynamics, leadership and employee performance.

Why Job Satisfaction is Important for Companies

In the same period, Whole Foods, another business on the list, saw its stock price rise 31 percent as a result of increased profitability. The bottom line is that by developing trusting and respectful relationships with staff, managers can promote job satisfaction, contribute to the effectiveness of their organization, and boost the health and well-being of their staff.

Job satisfaction also induces security and superior workplace feelings with lesser negativity and clashes, thus aiding in smooth running of the organization. The Key Role of Employee Satisfaction No business can accomplish its goals without a dedicated workforce.

This gives the opportunity to decrease non-response. For example, employee turnover is drastically lower for companies with employees who report a high level of job satisfaction. Employees who are unsatisfied with their job will not be motivated and enthusiastic towards any chores assigned to them, and they will be more prone to escaping their duties.

People seldom crib or complain and concentrate more on their work. In other words, it is the good feeling we have when we are satisfied with our current work situation. Mental illnesses, such as the named before, often lead to physical issues and result in increased absenteeism and impaired productivity.

On the other hand, those who are highly satisfied with their job have a tendency to be more friendly, cooperative and helpful with their colleagues and co-workers. If the current employees in an organization are happy and passionate towards their work, it will lead to a positive ambience at the workplace and higher levels of productivity.

Employee satisfaction leads to a positive ambience at the workplace. Job satisfaction of employees depends highly on how favourable the workplace is.

Without any doubt, their timings, amount of work, and salary are important, but there are other factors that are even more important to decide upon the level of their job satisfaction. Moreover, they will be seen with higher levels of absence from work.

The study confirms that achieving job satisfaction and motivation lies with both the employer and employee. Organizations need to retain talented employees for long term growth and success. Thus, even in the worst scenarios, they will try to find possible solutions to take the organization to the next level.

Moreover, job satisfaction increases productivity and initiates progress. Why a continuous satisfaction analysis is important?

Trust — There must be a solid foundation of trust between the senior management and employees.The most important action managers can take to raise employee satisfaction is to focus on the intrinsic parts of the job, such as making the job more interesting and challenging,” said the researchers.

For the first time in several years, the number of employees who say they are satisfied with their current job took a big jump, rising from 81% in to 88% inaccording to the Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The improving economy was one factor in the high. As work is an important aspect of people’s lives and most people spend a large part of their working lives at work, understanding the factors involved in job satisfaction is crucial to improving employees’ performance and productivity.

The causes for job satisfaction are numerous and can be different for every employee, his/her job and the industry he/she works in.

In order to measure the status of their employees’ satisfaction and find possible sources, companies conduct what is known as employee surveys. This research examines 43 aspects of job satisfaction and 37 factors directly related to employee engagement.

Among the topics explored are career development, relationships with management, compensation and benefits, work environment, engagement opinions, engagement behaviors, and conditions for engagement.

The success of any company is directly link to the satisfaction of the employees who embody that company, that retaining talented people is critical to the success of any organization, Freeman, ().Studies shows that businesses that excel in employee satisfaction issues reduce turnover by 50% from the norms, increase customer satisfaction.

Is employee job satisfaction important for success
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