Literature review of strategic foresight and

Competitiveness and Globalization, 4th ed. Ein Wegweiser in die Kultur des Fuller, TedInventing Futures. Abstract Strategic foresight is a scientific field in rapid development judged from the increase in number of yearly publications the last decade.

Godet, MichelCreating Futures: Van der Heijden, KeesScenarios: Chris; Conant, Jeffrey S. What Style Should You Use? Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory, 3rd ed. Griffin, Abbie; Price, Raymond L. Bell, WendellFoundations of Futures Studies: Trend Watching or Trend Setting?

A toolbox for problem solving. Design and Methods, 3rd ed. The Seminal Work of H. A Journal of the Institute of Management Sciences, vol. Perspektiven fuer das Geldgeschaeft im A systematic literature review of strategic foresight, including 59 articles, is conducted.

What characterizes the research in this field?

Borrego, Maura; Douglas, Elliot P. The search revealed 59 publications published between January and October Research and Practice, vol.

Hahn, DietgerFruehwarnsysteme, Krisenmanagement und Unternehmungsplanung, pp. We have analyzed the research subjects addressed in the 59 articles, and from this a taxonomy of eight categories.

Unternehmen gestalten Zukunft, Murmann, Hamburg, Germany. The articles were systematically organized and analyzed. Afuah, AllanInnovation Management: Three categories dominate in terms of frequency of articles: Trends, Issues, Stakeholders, R.

Do we really need a new Paradigm? Van der Duin, Patrick A.

Planning and Design, 8th ed. Fagerberg, Jan; Mowery, David C. Some attempts to build conceptual foundations can be observed, but in general, we found no single perspective that deserves loyalty on which a coherent theoretical foundation of strategic foresight is built. Visionen entwickeln, Erfolgspotenziale aufbauen, Strategien umsetzen, 5th ed.

Gordon, AdamFuture Savvy.


Explorative research dominates, and a variety of theoretical perspectives has been used.LITERATURE REVIEW OF STRATEGIC FORESIGHT AND SCENARIO PLANNING Introduction In an increasingly uncertain global economic climate, the challenges facing businesses today have changed significantly over the past few decades, and equally so have academic perspectives and topical management trends.

This paper focuses on exploring the potential and empirically observable value creation of strategic foresight activities in firms.

We first review the literature on strategic foresight, innovation management and strategic management in order. 4 Future Character of Conflict UDCDC Strategic Trends (?) 5 European Defense Agency Global Context Study - Final Report () 6 Environmental Change- Strategic Foresight- Impacts on Military Power ().

review on the term “strategic foresight.” Common to the various foresight terms referred to above, strategic foresight is a dual purpose task of 1) observing, perceiving, and captur. iFQ R. Popper - Germany Foresight is “a process which involves intense iterative periods of open reflection, networking, consultation and discussion, leading to the joint refining of future visions and the common ownership of strategies It is the discovery of a common space for open thinking on the future and the incubation of strategic.

O’Shannassy, Tim“Modern Strategic Management: Balancing Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning for Internal and External Stakeholders”, Singapore Management Review, vol.

25, no. 1, pp.

Literature review of strategic foresight and
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