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With the development of new aero planes Marketing positioning ray bans could fly higher and higher came altitude-related problems. Some discount schemes are used according to cultural festivals or in the winter season otherwise generally Ray Ban follows the same price strategy everywhere.

Fashion also influenced the Marketing positioning ray bans catalogues for consumers, which were printed with more color and featured typically American faces and more sophisticated images.

Glasses were no longer just objects to be worn for practical reasons. InGeneral MacCready asked Ray-Ban for a new type of air force eyewear that would protect pilots from glare at high altitudes while at the same time ensuring a clear field of vision.

Ray Ban continued with its sunglasses as the core product for next 10 years and in it came up with optical glasses which turned out to be a little more profitable for Ray Ban as they were costlier and more in demand.

Ray Ban TimeLine Not many sunglasses are considered to be very important or famous in any culture as Ray-ban was and still until today.

Ray Ban showcases Marketing positioning ray bans ads through print media and hoardings. Ray Ban also comes up with discount and promotional policies to retain loyal customers and keep them engaged. As any other brand, Ray ban has some threats that will affect its development.

Students belong to a particular segment whereas professionals and office goers can be kept in one segment. Ray Ban is an American company which is manufacturing only sunglasses and eyeglasses from which started with the creation of anti-glare glasses for the US army.

In the s, Ray-Ban began to produce optical eyewear, but maintaining the eye shapes of the sunglass models in the range. The same lenses were also used in combination with the standard frames already on sale.

In the s, a new kind of lens was developed for commercial use, despite the huge commitment to research and development for military purposes. Also inLuxottica Group introduced the first sun collection dedicated exclusively to kids aged from 8 to 12 years.

Ray Ban and Police Sunglasses cater to the premium segment while Vintage or Fastrack sunglasses target the middle income group. The Ray-Ban Junior models are designed to meet the needs of younger eyewear users, ensuring functionality, comfort and fit, as well as maximum eye protection.

As a result the result, awareness and brand liking would increase; also the brand would be recognized by a wider range of people. Market Segmentation refers to the process of creation of small groups segments within a large market to bring together consumers who have similar requirements, needs and interests.

All Ray-Ban models in the Junior collection carry the hallmark Ray-Ban signature, silkscreen-printed, engraved or pressure-applied. For example, the aviators. Inthe first Shooters were launched.

Other than the exclusive stores Ray Ban are generally found in big retail stores and shopping malls as they are costlier product and carry a society status with them. We can see that the majority of Ray Ban advertisements are produced in Western countries and targeted at different age groups.

All models in the Ray-Ban collection are the product of meticulous, original styling that succeeds in translating the best of the latest trends into a contemporary eyewear range that reflects the unique Ray-Ban lifestyle: These glasses were sold with a special holder to enhance the image of quality projected by the product.

Difference between Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Shortly afterwards, a third, ground-breaking, metal-frame model hit the market. It featured a special coating on the upper part of the lens for enhanced protection, and no coating lower down for a clear view of instrumentation and other objects.

Posted in Products, Total Reads: Innovative contemporary design characterizes the materials and colors used and the styling of the frames themselves. The company took up the challenge and succeeded in developing a new pair of glasses with lenses that could block out a high proportion of visible light.

P - Positioning The first step in the process of product promotion is Segmentation The division of a broad market into small segments comprising of individuals who think on the same lines and show inclination towards similar products and brands is called Market Segmentation.

Ray-Ban offered an equally extensive range of prices. Sustainability in its wider meaning - environmental, social, economic - is a principle that has deep roots in the Luxottica story, becoming part of the company culture over the years and permeating the entire value chain.

These years are also signed by the launch of the Wings Collection, the first shields in sunglasses history. In this period, Ray-Ban also had a wider range of products than its competitors. Not forgetting to mention his help in completing this project. Garnier offers wide range of merchandise for both men and women.

Kids form one segment; males can be part of a similar segment while females form another segment. There was also a special retainer cord to make sure the glasses were not lost accidentally. Pilots were suffering from headaches and nausea because of glare and the great distances that they had to traverse.

For example, we can see many famous movie stars, artists, fashion designers, and runaway models wearing any kind of ray-ban sunglasses. This was the gradient mirror lens. The beauty of looking ahead and seeing a better future.The marketing will emphasize Ray-Ban’s history of innovation and as the preferred sunglasses of the Hollywood set, something Volpetti says.

2 responses to “How Ray Ban is Using Music, Architecture and the Human Experience to Sell Sunglasses” Chelsea Adams writes: Spook — The key takeaway of this article is a need to really KNOW your target market beyond the surface level.

Our objectives for Ray Ban includes increasing consumer awareness of the brand to its core demographic (males & females above 25) and to reinforce Ray Ban’s position as a classic, desirable style that is a must-have accessory for confident consumers. Mar 18,  · History of Ray Ban: Bausch and Lomb were the creators of Ray Ban back in In the beginning of it all sunglasses were used by the American Army Air Corps.

Years passed and Lieutenant John Macready initiated the idea of creating sunglasses that offer eye protection as well as being stylish after he had.

Ray Ban Brand Positioning

Basic positioning strategies give a mixed result. The concept of cultural identity that has been widely exploited by Ray-Ban Company in its marketing of sunglass efforts has translated into a bundle of benefits in its brand management and promotion.

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Marketing positioning ray bans
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