Role of information technology in banking

Innovative, scheme, addresses competition and present the bank as technology driven in the banking sector market Reduces customer visits to the branch and thereby human intervention Inter-branch reconciliation is immediate thereby reducing chances of fraud and misappropriation On-line banking is an effective medium of promotion of various schemes of the bank, a marketing tool indeed.

This is changing at a fast pace. This has also an effect on the reliability of the services already implemented like ATMs. Moreover, such technologies are already available. The result of such situation is a delay in implementing new services and products like remote banking, electronic funds transfer, real time bank information systems.

With the use of MIS, data can be accessed and used in a given period of time.

The Role of Technology in Banking Industry

The key to survival is customer service. The rising commercial interests in the Internet are especially evident in "frontend" applications such as electronic catalogs, yellow pages, storefronts, malls, and customer support centers. What level of systems training has been provided to other officers and employees?

Therefore the banks cannot take a lifetime relationship with the customers as granted and they have to work continuously to foster this relationship and retain customer loyalty.

About 25 banks have joined this network and are sharing now its almost 60 machines located in the major cities of Lebanon.

Role of Information Technology (IT) in the Banking Sector

The increasing cost of building brick-and-mortar branches, decreasing cost of computers, high delivery costs and slow revenue growth force a relook at the conventional delivery systems.

Credit cards or smart cards: Other banks followed, by establishing in a network called Link Network, using Link cards. These terminals make extensive use of the technology and enable banks to quickly process the payments.

Customers feel threatened about the inadequacy of privacy being maintained by the banks with regard to their transactions and link at computerised systems with suspicion. The only way to solve this problem is to design adequate training programs and increase the awareness of the employees.

Whatever the task may be, IB technologists work in a fast-moving environment where solutions move from concept to implementation in weeks and months rather than years.

The diffusion and successful implementation of IT in Lebanese banks is not an easy process. IT is a set of tools that can help provide the right people with the right information at the right time. Ability to study from anywhere: Role of Technology in Investment Banking Role of Technology in Investment Banking November 23, Today, technology is key in turning trading strategy into trading profit.The purpose of the research was to investigate the role of information technology in the development of loyalty in banking.

Empirical data for the study were collected through Information technology (IT) developments in banking industry have sped up communication and transactions (Giannakoudi, ).

The banking sector has embraced the use of technology to serve its client’s faster and also to do more with less. Emerging technologies have changed the banking industry from paper and branch based banks to ”digitized and networked banking services. The Role of Information Technology In Banking Industry: Remote banking: Now banks have facilities like online banking, ATM’S and mobile banking service which enable perform banking needs at any given time of the day.

Role of Technology in Investment Banking

Banking industry is heavily depending upon information technology that needs professionals for development, implementation and support. Despite the programs performed by many banks to develop their local expertise in IT, there is still a real shortage of qualified personnel.

The Banking industry in India has experienced radical changes since independence. With the improvements in technology and automation, the banking sector has become highly competitive today.

2 1. Introduction Information technology is rapidly entering the traditional banking business. Recent survey among US bank managers reveals that 47% of them discuss technology at every board meeting.

Role of information technology in banking
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