Short narrative text

Bawang Merah was so happy. Before the guy can realize, the couple was walking towards a cemetery, and he got out of his care and followed them… and he saw his ex-girlfriend, a photograph of her smiling sweetly aas ever at him from her tombstone… and he saw his precious paper cranes in a bottle placed beside her tomb.

The young toad brought the box, and the fat toad opened it, and gave simpleton a carpet out of it, so beautiful and so fine, that on the earth above, none could have been woven like it. Dummling did not think long, but went straight into the forest, where in the same place there sat a man who was tying up his body with a strap, and making an awful face, and saying, I have eaten a whole ovenful of rolls, but what good is that when one has such a hunger as I.

Momotaro drew out the sacred sword his father had given him and began to fight the pirates.

What Are Some Examples of Narrative Text?

She has lost her voice. Bawang Putih then told about the clothes, the old woman, and the pumpkin. Example of Narrative Text Example of narrative text — Smartest parrot Once upon time, a man had a wonderful parrot. Buto Ijo had Short narrative text swim to cross the sea. Burung itu terbang menuju bukit dekat kota candi-candi yang mana hiduplah seekor tikus yang bisa membantu mereka.

Lawongo was also very great in playing a flute, it was so melodious. One day, an idea illuminated his mind, the idea of crafting a puppet, that he would give the name of Pinocchio.

To examine it we should see the generic structure of the story and here is the explanation. The coach pretended not to hear him. Jantur and Menur were twins. He consented and went with the bear and shot enough buffalo to satisfy the hungry family.

They kept praying to their god pleading to give them a child. His team began to triumph.

Example of Narrative Text; The Smartest Parrot

Will you marry me? They named her Timun Mas or Golden Cucumber. Then simpleton said Short narrative text mournfully, what am I to do with that. Later, Buto Ijo gave them a bunch of cucumber seeds. There were many rolls of silk and piles of gold in it.

Father, mother, Jantur is here!! Short narrative text chased Timun Mas away. End of story Cinderela no longer with his mother and brothers sisters. She said that she kept the clothes and would give them back to Bawang Putih if she helped the old woman do the household chores.

His teammates hoisted him onto their shoulders. When the king had become old and weak, and was thinking of his end, he did not know which of his sons should inherit the kingdom after him. But you have to give me that child when she is 17 years old," said Buto Ijo.

But all I know is that I love you. He met a beautiful woman and felt in love with her. They treated Cinderella very badly.

Tak lupa disertakan file audio MP3 download supaya lebih nyaman dalam berlatih listening narrative text. Together they went to a witch and asked her to put a spell on Purbasari. It provides an esthetic literary experience to the reader. The rabbit thought this was a good joke and accepted the challenge.

Literary theory[ edit ] In literary theoretic approach, narrative is being narrowly defined as fiction-writing mode in which the narrator is communicating directly to the reader. Now the host had three daughters, who saw the goose and were curious to know what such a wonderful bird might be, and would have liked to have one of its golden feathers.

Thus un the wedding day one elegent dish after the other was served until the table almost cracked. After everything was finished, the old woman returned the clothes. The others are there, she thought, I may as well be there too, and ran to them, but as soon as she had touched her sister, she remained sticking fast to her.

Then he was drowning and died.Writing a Fictional Narrative (Short Story) 3 Complications of Plot: Building Suspense The conflict, goal, problem, or what the main character wants should be set up in the first sentence, paragraph, page, or chapter, depending upon a story’s.

Example of Narrative text today is about the story of a smart parrot, even actually it is the smartest bird, I think. This text is showing how a man. Short Narrative Text. Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story Christopher J. Pereyra English Introduction to Literature Kathy Knecht 9/24/ Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story The short story of Little Red Riding Hood is a simple to understand child’s tale and clearly portrays the deceitfulness of appearance.

The. EXAMPLE OF NARRATIVE TEXT THREE FISH. Once three fish lived in a pond. One evening, some fishermen passed by the pond and saw the fish.

“This pond is full of fish”, they told each other excitedly. “we have never fished here before.


Strangely, after a short period of time, the “paddy” was ready for harvesting. The old man got a lot. Some examples of narrative text are novels, short stories, news stories, memoirs and biographies. Narrative text encompasses both fiction and non-fiction, and it includes any form of writing that communicates a series of events.

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Short narrative text
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