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Oftentimes, a name has multiple origins, so all of these things could be true at the same time. Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler? She wanted the peddler to enjoy the Christmas festivities with them. He showed himself as a poor trader. The ironmaster was sure to help the vagabond get over his tramp manners because he had mistaken the latter for his old comrade.

Q2 Attempt a character sketch of the peddler. Answer The metaphor of the rattrap signifies that the world exists only to trap people by setting baits for them.

There was a poor man who sold rat-traps and earned his livelihood. Bloody Sunday occurred on March 7, Would you like to merge this question into it?

March 7, March 9, and March 21 - March 25 Answer The Rattrap deals with the issues of human loneliness and the need to bond with others. She persuades her father to let him stay because they had promised him Christmas cheer.

CHAPTER 4 – THE RATTRAP (Short Answer Type Questions)

What does each of these labels indicate of the context or the attitude of the people around him? This is when the rat trap seller delivers his speech that spells out the meaning and metaphor of the story: The whole world about him- the whole world with its lands, seas, cities and villages was nothing but a big rattrap.

Answer The peddler knew that the ironmaster had mistaken him as his old regiment comrade. What made the peddler finally change his ways? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. What was the first impression that Edla got about the peddler? His cheeks were hollow.

The final acts of transformation and redemption make the narrative quite gripping and entertaining. The peddler is a man who has fallen upon misfortune and now resorts to selling rattraps, begging, and thievery. The author Selma Lagerlof tells a universal theme through all her stories.

Why was the peddler grateful to the ironmaster and his daughter? If the question is what I think it is, then the answer is Yes. It is his need to bond that makes him trust the peddler and show him his money.

Does Selma Hayek speak Arabic?

When Edla approached him and lifted his hat the man jumped up abruptly and seemed to be quite frightened. Although she knew the fact that he was not Captain von Stahle, whom he claimed to be, the girl said, " I think he ought to stay with us today.

When night fell, he could not see where he was headed to and seemed to be walking round and round the same spot. From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap? One day he was struck with the idea — the whole world is a big rattrap and it offers riches as bait.

He leaves the 30 kronor for her to return to the crofter. One can not imagine how dull and sad a vagabond might be walking slowly along the roads for his bread. She had doubts that the peddler had stolen something or had escaped prison. He had to resort to begging and petty thieving to survive and life offered no pleasure at all.

So being an old acquaintance he wanted to help him. What were people marching for in Selma Alabama? The next day in broad day light the iron master realized the stranger was not captain and threatened to call the sheriff. On realizing his mistake he recklessly wants to hand him over to the sheriff.

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He was feeling guilty and frightened. So he was talkative and friendly with the peddler.

How does Selma Lagerlöf's short story

His clothes were in rags. He said that the whole world is nothing but a big rattrap.Get an answer for 'How does Selma Lagerlöf's short story "The Rat Trap" show the essential goodness of humanity?' and find homework help for other Selma Lagerlöf questions at eNotes.

Lagerlöf's "The Rattrap" is a metaphor for how humanity is beguiled by the "traps" of life, "all the good things that are offered." The rat trap seller makes his way through life by selling rat traps and supplementing his income through the hospitality of people along the way and through the stray kronor that he might steal from this or that person.

'The Rattrap' authored by Selma Lagerlof gives us the idea that life is a big rattrap. It sets out many baits for people by way of temptation and. From the beginning, the rattrap seller is shown as a victim of his situation and not a downright evil character.

The peddler had to resort to beggary and stealing because his business is not profitable enough to make both ends meet. By Selma Lagerlof.

Theme. The story is about an old disheartened peddler who is taken in and shown generosity by a young woman. Her generosity and kindness change his bitter attitude towards life. The peddler is a man who has fallen upon misfortune and now resorts to selling rattraps, begging, and thievery.

Summary of ‘The Rattrap’ (By: Selma Lagerlof) This chapter sheds light on human’s loneliness and its dire consequences. It revolves around a rattrap seller who roams here and there in order to sell his rattraps which he makes by .

The rattrap selma lagerlof
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