The u s foreign policy during the cold war essay

Instead of practicing Isolationism like previous year the US began helping countries with which they traded Without the new policies America would not have been insured a safe and free society. Non-communist countries funded third world countries to fight communist countries and vise-versa.

Many Americans felt however this practice was wrong because it was based upon the will of the minority and forcibly imposed upon the majority. The Truman doctrine clearly shows this new stance of prevention, "whatever aggression, direct or indirect, threatened the peace, the security of the United States is involved".

During this time period communism was becoming increasingly popular because it gave damaged countries from the devastation of World War II an opportunity to start over and rebuild themselves.

The introduction of the atomic bomb prompted United States officials to try to regulate its development in foreign "unstable" countries while the growth of communism threatened the democratic freedoms.

Globalization also meant that other nations economies had to be strong because they affected the United States. The fear of a loss of freedom led the country to separate themselves from communist nations.

If America had not acted perhaps the threat of sudden extermination worldwide by technology or a communist America would be very possibly a reality.

These adaptations they made were intended to further protect the American way of life.

Short Essay on the Cold War and Containment

Finally since the world was becoming more globalized economically the US changed its foreign policy to help other countries in which they depended for resources.

The idea of no free institutions and individual freedoms haunted so many Americans that people began hating communists.

The US realizing enemies could potentially use this massive destructive force against themselves needed to act in order to prevent further nuclear technology from spreading. Change was necessary to protect against these new concepts.

Foreign Policy Usa - During Cold War

New technology and ideologies brought about new threats that had never been dealt with before. Immediately after America successfully used a nuclear bomb other countries started developing these weapons of mass destruction.“Cold War” is the name given to the period of ideological conflict between the USSR and the United States during the second half of the 20th century (Merriam-Webster).

Using this definition, cold wars currently exist between North Korea and South Korea, The United States and China, and The United States and Cuba.5/5(2). The United States' Containment Policy During the 's Essay.

The type of policy known as containment was the foreign policy that the United States of America used between the times of (two years after World War Two) until (he fall of the Berlin Wall). It is true that foreign strategy of the United States during the Cold War () is called containment.

This policy can be described as the efforts to stop global political movement toward communist and socialist ideology (the ideology of the Soviet Union) and promote political popularity of democratic ideas dominating in Europe and the United.

United States Foreign Policy Following World War II Essay - Though the United States was the military power of the world prior to World War II, its foreign policy was one of detachment. The government was determined not to get involved in other countries affairs barring unusual circumstances.

United States Containment Policy During The Cold War - During the Cold War, America's basic policy was that of "containment" of the Soviet Union. The policy of containment was based upon several principles.

First, the Soviet Union wanted to spread socialism to all areas of the world. Containment as U.S. policy during Cold War Era From after World War II and up until the foreign policy of the United States was based on Cold War ideology and the policy of containment; to prevent nations from leaning towards Soviet Union-based communism, as first laid out by George Kennan and later used as one of the key .

The u s foreign policy during the cold war essay
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