Virtue ethics in nursing

Case-Study Danielle is a third-year student Virtue ethics in nursing half-way through her final clinical placement on Azalea ward, a busy surgical unit. The person who develops the virtues within him- or herself will be happier than one who does not develop these character traits. Virtue ethics is the term given to an approach that has a focus on character.

Utopianism and pluralism[ edit ] Robert Louden criticises virtue ethics on the basis that it promotes a form of unsustainable utopianism. This power relation may drive us to benefit from a situation in which animals are harmed, or to simply be indifferent to the harm they suffer, whether caused by ourselves, by others, or as a consequence of natural occurrences.

We would not care for the overwhelming majority of humanity since we have no relationships with them. In line with this, they defend that special Virtue ethics in nursing generate special moral duties, something that other theories basically, those that defend impartial concerns in ethics reject.

Proper ambition with normal honors 7.

Virtue ethics

It states that practicing good habits such as honesty, generosity makes a moral and virtuous person. Because of the way virtue ethics conceives of ethical thinking, it is difficult to see how one could defend a speciesist viewpoint in line with it.

Trying to come to a single set of virtues is immensely difficult in contemporary societies as, according to Louden, they contain "more ethnic, religious, and class groups than did the moral community which Aristotle theorized about" with each of these groups having "not only its own interests but its own set of virtues as well".

While the emergence of abolitionist thought derived from many sources, the work of David Brion Davisamong others[ who? In political theory, there has been discussion of "virtue politics", and in legal theory, there is a small but growing body of literature on virtue jurisprudence.

Magnanimity with great honors 6. Danielle decides that Belanna represents the type of nurse that she Danielle wants to become. The project is timely, coinciding with well-documented NHS scandals, public disquiet about standards of hospital care and a troubled picture of recruitment and retention of trainee nurses.

Nursing ethics

It is a very busy ward, yet unlike most of the other qualified nurses Danielle has worked with, Belanna seems always to know what to do whatever the situation.

Since different people, cultures and societies often have different opinions on what constitutes a virtue, perhaps there is no one objectively right list.

We welcome letters regarding this feature and encourage the submission of scenarios for future discussion. Therefore, in addition to the virtues Benner 6 describes, courage—overcoming fear in order to do what the practice defines as good—is also a virtue that is necessary to nursing practice.

Courage as a Virtue Necessary to Good Nursing Practice

Secondly I describe a story in which a moral dilemma is evident. These characterisations are, of course, over-simplifications and while it is not the purpose of this chapter to discuss deontology or utilitarianism, 1 both theories will be mentioned in order to help explain some of the nuances of virtue ethics and how it differs from those two theoretical approaches.

One could raise objection with Foot that she is committing an argument from ignorance by postulating that what is not virtuous is unvirtuous. A suggested way to maintain autonomy is for the person to write an advance directiveoutlining how they wish to be treated in the event of their inability to make an informed choice, thus avoiding unwarranted paternalism.

Instead, it is about a way of being that would cause the person exhibiting the virtue to make a certain "virtuous" choice consistently in each situation. Bravery or courage is one such virtue that allows the person possessing it to respond appropriately to fear.

A critical reader, Edinburgh: We assume that this can be accomplished by improving efficiency and reducing waste. So far we have surveyed third-year students at the University of Birmingham, the University of Dundee and Buckinghamshire New University. It does so by encouraging the cultivation of those character traits that promote actions that are fair, honest, kind, compassionate and so on; actions that contribute to human wellbeing.

The contemporary revival of virtue theory is frequently traced to the philosopher G. This clearly focuses the attention on the nurse as moral agent and in particular their character. The latter is characterized by three features: A feminist caring ethic for the treatment of animals, London:I argue that the moral virtues and a strong (action-guiding) version of virtue ethics provide a plausible and viable alternative for nursing practice.

I develop an account of a virtue-based helping relationship and a virtue-based approach to nursing. Nursing ethics is a branch of applied ethics that concerns itself with activities in the field of nursing. Despite the move toward more deontological themes by some, there continues to be an interest in virtue ethics in nursing ethics and some support for an ethic of care.

Jun 21,  · Virtue ethics and the modern-day nurse. is one of the moral dilemmas being presented to student nurses and qualified nurses during an investigation into the ethics of the profession being conducted by the Jubilee Centre. The project, Virtuous Practice in Nursing.

Transcript of Virtue Ethics, Caring, and Nursing This theory is based on the action itself being the main determinent for ethical conduct. Article example: The nurse caring for a patient with a terminal diagnosis that the family wants to conceal.

Virtue ethics and care ethics Virtue ethics. The virtue ethics approach in moral philosophy defends the view that when deciding how to live, we should consider not what would make the world a better place or what norms we should obey, but rather what kind of moral agents we want to be.

Towards a strong virtue ethics for nursing practice.

Abstract. Within the nursing ethics literature, there has for some time now been a focus on the role and importance of character for nursing. An overarching rationale for this is the need to examine the sort of person one must be if one is to nurse well or be a good nurse.

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Virtue ethics in nursing
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