What makes a good movie good essay

It should be able to let us know about something new. For the sake of THIS argument you have to assume that objectively judging art is possible. Maybe for some people Space Jam inspires this response somewhere Tarkovsky is rising from the dead to come find me and kill me.

In those moments we recognize and discover ourselves, the unfathomable depths of our own potential, and the furthest reaches of our emotions. So there are some objective qualities that a film needs in order to be characterized as great. Without them there would be no story and no plot.

Trying to define it also tackles even trickier problems, like what makes good art. Without a good plot a movie fails to attract and retain the viewers in the theaters.

What Makes a Good Movie Essay

They must be able to portray the characters well so that people say that the characters are made keeping them in mind. They should have some qualities to which the people can relate. Well it is not that simple to answer, as it seems.

Which may sound horribly condescending and judgmental, but I think by pointing that out I right myself of that wrong. Then what exactly is a good movie?

First of all a movie should provide good entertainment. The aim of art is to prepare a person for death, to plough and harrow his soul, rendering it capable of turning to good.

Touched by a masterpiece, a person begins to hear in himself that same call of truth which prompted the artist to his creative act. Actors, who can justify the characters and make them, come alive in front of the audience.

The allotted function of art is not, as is often assumed, to put across ideas, to propagate thoughts, to serve as an example. So now you are armed with this extremely limited knowledge about the idiosyncrasies of my writing.

They are of course others: But there really IS such a thing as objectively good filmmaking. They can even make people come and see the movie repeatedly. That got weird for a second, sorry. To generalize it, we can say that those movies, which are liked by the mass and not by some class category of people, could be considered as a good movie.

The ultimate policing of all these aspects is what we call directing.A good movie is a movie that leaves people thinking it is a good movie after watching it. If people don't think that it is a good movie after watching it, then the movie has failed to be a good movie.

What Makes a Great Movie?

Yes you can easily list ten things off the top of your mind that make a “good” student, like: attentiveness, attendance, respect, doing what is asked (homework), being interactive, coming prepared, and being on top of your time management etc but I find that it really depends on what your definition of a good student is in the first place.

A good film makes you believe that what is being acted it's actually real. The actors should know how to call the attention of the viewers and make them forget that it is just a movie. What I also think is really important in a good movie, (since I"m a horror fan) is that the music goes according to what's happening.3/5(3).

Good effective movies should include three important factors: good actors, a good director and an attractive story. 1- actors make the greatest effect on a movie’s popularity a- star actors are trusted for not making pointless movies.

A good movie is a movie that leaves people thinking it is a good movie after watching it. If people don't think that it is a good movie after watching it, then the movie has failed to be a good movie.3/5(1). what makes a good teacher.

WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEACHER? In this essay I want to talk about ten of the qualities that make a good teacher. My method is absolutely unscientific. Readers who want to know what exerts say about good teaching should stop reading right now and open to a different page of Inspiring Teaching.

Readers who want to know what Pete has noticed about good .

What makes a good movie good essay
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